We are always fully transparent when it comes to wallets and transactions. Here are all of our wallets. Main LSI wallet – TNKV5p1pTYhK1HaqTF169Dkptf8qsSPtSS Admin’s wallet – TYLwS7ziQT2WPNSKvTpgdit5GMJ35d7s2D Reward & Dividends wallet – TVJoqLMtwyqH1ZaykjD1AL9fVLnL3UazDU Test Token Address – TGc4vjCvaAaJ8wKeBnC82oSWeb2xMvPos5

Can I really earn USDT?

Yes you can, we are a company that makes a profit. So we thought we would give our holders a cut of those profits. You earn USDT on June 30th and December 30th if you are a holder of LSI for at least three months. This means you need to […]

Earning Limbo Cash

There are many ways to earn Limbo Cash. The main way is staking it that will earn you a fixed 40% APY, that’s 0.11% a day! Another way is to just hold Limbo Cash in your Tron wallet (you’ll earn 10% APY) at the end of every month we paid […]

I want to give feedback.

Thank you for wanting to give us feedback. We’re always looking to improve our sites. So whether it’s good or bad we would love to hear your thoughts on sites. Visit our feedback center here.

What is Limbo Videos?

Limbo Videos is what we call our video hosting platform. Currently, Limbo Videos isn’t open to the public and you must request to get access to it. You can email us or open a support ticket.

What is Limbo Analytics?

We get this question frequently, so we thought we would create this page to help you better understand what Limbo Analytics is. Limbo Analytics is our analytics. Instead of using google analytics or another third-party analytics platform, we use our own. This allows us to control who sees user information […]